I’m Barry, a home cook living in Toronto with my partner, David. Our Long Table is a place to share what’s coming out of our kitchen, with a focus on real-time learning… misfires, real fires and all. My cooking runs the gamut from dried beans and homemade sauerkraut to experiments in haute and modernist cuisine. We’ll sling some cocktails your way as well, and David will share his experiences in sourdough bread baking from time to time.

Many of the recipes we’ll work through are from published works. Where applicable, we’ll include Amazon links to cookbooks if you’re so inclined (we earn a small kickback on that). That said, we encourage you to support local, independent bookstores wherever possible!

Unless otherwise explicitly noted, we do not have any commercial or sponsorship relationship with any producer, vendor, author or publisher whose product, service, or website is mentioned or linked to.

We hope you enjoy the content, and please feel encouraged to comment or shoot us a message with suggestions or feedback.

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