Our Long Pour: “Le M’aider”


True story: “Mayday” is an anglicization of the French phase M’aider: “help me.” So, on this May Day, with many of us feeling in need of a pick-me-up, I created this original spin on a spritzer called “Mai” (itself French for May). Coincidentally, it’s the sort of thing you might throw together if your (well-appointed) small plane crashed on the proverbial desert island.

Start by juicing a couple of limes, an orange, half a grapefruit, and a lemon. Taste your juice blend and make sure it’s plenty tart, but with a good dose of sweetness.

Get a tumbler and fill it 2/3 full of ice. In your cocktail shaker, assemble:

  • 2 oz of your citrus juice blend
  • The pulp and seeds of a passion fruit or granadilla
  • 2 oz Lillet Blanc
  • 1.5 oz Gin (either Tanqueray Rangpur lime, Tanqueray Ten, or Hendricks)
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup (1:1)
  • 2 dashes grapefruit bitters
  • A fresh kaffir lime leaf or a wide strip of zest from a lime

Shake this vigorously over ice, strain it into your tumbler, and top it with sparkling water (I used Perrier Grapefruit). Garnish with a fresh kaffir lime leaf. Santé: to your health!

Inspired by a recipe in Apéritif: Cocktail Hour the French Way.

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