Our Long Pour: “The Paper Plane”

Aperol has never been my favourite thing. It’s like the McDonald’s drink syrup of my youth got older, but refused to grow up. Here, Amaro Nonino, bourbon and lemon juice take the errant hooch to the woodshed and wipe the silly grin off its face. What remains is still sweet, day-glo orange and tangerine-forward, but it’s also deep, bitter and tart. Very nice.

And: it’s easy to remember! 3/4 oz each of Aperol, bourbon, lemon juice and Amaro Nonino (you did buy Amaro Nonino like I asked you to, didn’t you?) Shake it up over lots of ice for about 20 seconds, strain it into a coupe or a Nick & Nora glass as pictured here, and you’re on your way to flavour town.

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